Welcome to the Predicty.net website.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning for Meaningful Lives

Machine Learning is gradually changing the way things and beings work. Machine Learning webpage presents an introduction, a predictive analytics applet, and some useful links.

Data Science

Data Science for Daily Survival

Data Science has now become an essential ingredient for businesses. Data Science webpage presents an introduction, a data science applet, and some useful links.

Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing for Quick Crypto

Quantum Computing is likely to disrupt the way computers work. Quantum Computing webpage presents an introduction and some useful links to this futuristic technology.

Quantum Physics

Quantum Physics for Quirky Phenomena

Quantum Physics has revolutionized the science and technology. Quantum Physics webpage highlights the history, concepts, applications, and future of this fascinating subject.

Organic Universes

Organic Universes for Overall Understanding

Organic Universes is a hypothesis to explain the inexplicable. Organic Universes webpage describes shortcomings of the current science and then presents a hypothesis in terms of organic universes.


Lalit A Patel

Most of the text on this website came from Lalit A Patel. About webpage presents a resume of, information links or, and some photos or videos gathered by Lalit A Patel.